Captcha Security code

Captcha Settings
CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
Output Image Sample:
Code length: the length of the random string
Image width: pixels
Image height: pixels
Character size: the point size of the ttf character
Character set:
character set used to create the random string. TTF fonts randomized from folder Modules/Captcha/fonts.
Image format: output image type
Image compression: the compression for png (0 or 1) and quality for jpeg (0..100)
Time out: code validity session time (minutes)
Maximum refresh: number of refreshes before lockout session start
Lockout time out: lockout session time after maximum refresh reached (minutes)
Lockout image:
image to display during lockout session (png or jpg only). put in themes images folder.
Tracking cookie name:
Case sensitive:
Upper case characters:
Scramble characters:
Send to background:
Style: drawing style
Background image:
Background color:
  the background color of the image
Text color:
  characters color
Line color:
  line and drawings color
Lines density: the number of lines or drawings that you' ll see in the background of the image.
Line thickness: the line drawing width
Characters angle: sets the angle for scrambled/normal characters. Angle between 0 and 360.
Particle density: adds random dots to the image
Particle dots: maximum number of dots around the main dot
Image frame:
Copyright text: adds an extra text to the generated image
Copyright text size: The point size value of the information text to be used with the TTF font
Copyright text color:
  The color of the information text
Copyright strip color:
  The color of the strip
Copyright X: the horizontal location of the information text
Copyright Y: the vertical location of the information text
Copyright strip:
Audio scramble:
Audio scramble step: data size to skip without scrambleing