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Share Mewsoft and make 50% of any sales and become a reseller. All you need to become a reseller is to buy the first copy at the regular price. Details

Make Money

Share Us and become a reseller and you will get more than 50% of your sales. See our order page for resellers prices. All you need to become a reseller is to buy the first license of the product at the regular price, then after the first license you become a reseller automatically and you will get all next licenses at 50% of the regular price. If you are already a customer and have purchased any product, then you are now a reseller and you will get the next licenses of the same product you have at the reseller discount 50% of the regular price. This way you get your commission 50% direct yourself very fast and guaranteed. This is the best way to make a good money.

It works this way, you order the software at 50% off its current regular price on our site, for example if the product is being sold at $99, then you will pay us only $49.5 and you cut the $49.5 for your self direct, you will find the appropriate links on our site for these reseller links to order.
Your customers will get the full support and free upgrades the same like any other customer bought from us directly. If you sell the domain and the software license for any one, just contact us by email to update the information on that license so your customer can get the free upgrades and support and become our customer. Of course you do not have to tell us to whom you sold the license but you will have to tell us the domain it is installed to put the information in our database for the upgrades and auto installer and answering support requests etc.

Of course you can have your own advertising and banners that you see it will help you in your reselling or distributing.
Distributors Required
We are looking for persons or businesses in all countries to partner with Mewsoft and become official distributor in their country or the countries they want. We require only the basic required things for doing the business. The first requirement is you must have a web site. The second requirement is to provide us with your permanent address or your business address and verify with us your address and phones. Nothing else needed to become an official distributor for all our products.
Of course distributors in countries not speaking English, the default languages that is supplied with all our products are welcomed to translate the products languages to their country language. For example Germany, Japan, Spanish languages. Any product can be translated in about 3 easy days and of course you can offer the products with any number of languages you want.
Resellers and distributors also can setup their own demos on their sites. Most products run in demo mode by changing the variable DemoMode=1 in the Config file that ships with the products. Sure we will help in setting up the demo site if requiered.
If you have more questions, please contact us and we will be glade to make business with you.
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