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Backupawy Main Features


Backupawy is a Windows desktop program that can run in the background and automatically backup your web sites or servers or LAN computers to your local computer.

Main Features Summery

  • Backup unlimited sites and directories trees.
  • Select the directories tree you want to backup only.
  • Easy built in FTP browser to select directories.
  • Full backup or Incremental backup (Sync. only changed files).
  • Auto startup with Windows optionally.
  • Auto dialing and hang up for dial-up or use LAN.

  • Create the same directory structure on local computer

  • Keep server time stamp on files downloaded.

  • Create zip files or self-extracting executables.

  • Run custom commands files before and after backup

  • Connect to optional internet address before and after backup.

  • Handles Firewalls and Proxy easily.

  • Auto ASCII mode for files download.

  • Manage ASCII extensions for unlimited types.

  •  Easy scheduling to run any weekday at any time.

  • Smart error retry and redialing.

  • Copy the zip files to additional locations.

  • Can manually start and stop backup session.

  • Encrypt FTP and Zip passwords for security.

  • Visual logs for running backup session and stats.

  • Run in the background with no load on the computer.

  • Taskbar Icon for easy show, hide, and exit program.

  • Process priority control for more flexibility.

  • Easy one click product registration.

  • Easy program use and Nice layout.


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